The Wedding of (2)


Life is chaotic with 3 wild things, but I enjoy my little wild life

My life has always been on the wild side, not because what we consider wild but because I am always a mess. I live off of coffee, sleep deprivation, wine, and most of all my faith. I am a mother to three wild things and a wife to a red neck man. I may live in the city but I am country at heart, or at least I like to think so. I am sarcastic and honest, which my wild things don’t understand sarcasm! I am not 100% girly and I don’t always ware make-up I don’t have time for that but I try to be ME! I have so much in store and would like for you to stick around a while and come be a part of this. Be a part of a Little Wild Family if you are like me, a hot mess that isn’t perfect, don’t forget

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I accidentally wiped my media memory clean, so bare with me and recovering cover art, post pictures and more. It may take a couple days so if a photo isn’t pulling up or there isn’t a header photo, do not be alarmed. That was me!

Praise the Lord, my mother got the call that her p.e.t scans and blood work came back in the clear. She is Cancer Free!

On my blog post What makes a good Ministry I am aware of the header picture containing an error that says miniatry when sharing it on any social media plate form. It is a glitch that had happened when I was correcting the issue. On my webpage it shows correctly but when uploaded to any platform it reverts to the old picture. I have no idea why it is happening so please bear with me.

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