Life is chaotic with 3 wild things, but I enjoy my little wild life

My life has always been on the wild side, not because what we consider wild but because I am always a mess. I live off of coffee, sleep deprivation, wine, and most of all my faith. I am a mother to three wild things and a wife to a red neck man. I may live in the city but I am country at heart, or at least I like to think so. I am sarcastic and honest, which my wild things don’t understand sarcasm! I am not 100% girly and I don’t always ware make-up I don’t have time for that but I try to be ME! I have so much in store and would like for you to stick around a while and come be a part of this. Be a part of a Little Wild Family if you are like me, a hot mess that isn’t perfect, don’t forget

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