So it Happened


So yesterday night I was confronted with a big problem, well a big problem for me!

Le complained that his head was so itchy! Uh oh, I thought, we as mom’s know that complaint and dread it so freaking much. Well lo and behold, I knew it, he had head lice. Crap, again I thought as I just kept saying it in my head, well first thing I did was I checked RJ’s head. She had it too, double crap! MG thank God was ok he hadn’t gotten anything!

Well we went and shaved his head because it was easier, then we went and got a kit for RJ. Well let me tell you, what an adventure of trying to do a lice kit on a super curly-headed 3-year-old that can’t sit still for the life of her. The kit wasn’t doing a good job so my husband and I looked at each other and said “it’s just hair right!”

Well we stared to shave her head and she started crying “My curls! Now I’m not a girl!” Well we stopped half way to get her to calm down. I had asked her what would make her feel better and she looked at me with tears in her eyes “Shave your head to mama!”

So guess what I did, I shaved my head because hair is just……hair!

I later, after cleaning the house and riding the little critters, sat my daughter down and said “She’s beautiful no matter what.” She looked at me no hair and gleeful eyes “Really mama?” I had to reassure her Yes! My daughter with her big Reese brown eyes is beautiful with or without hair and by me shaving my hair too, showed her that it’s ok.

Well this morning at church she pranced around happy as all can be, tell everyone who asked what happened to her golden locks that she was beautiful. She is right!


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