Dear Past Me, Your not Worthless

I have been asked many times, if I could go back and write a letter to myself or give myself advice what would I write or say!

Dear Alexis,

Believe it or not I am you some what in the future. I want to tell you numerous things, but I will start with this, you are amazing. You have no idea how capable and strong you are! Don’t rely on what others think of you because you will have a handful, at most, of people whos opinions matter most. Don’t believe in what (name of two ex’s) has to say about you because they don’t know you! Family is the only thing you need besides God. Now don’t roll your eyes at this because it’s true, you are not worthless! You will find out what true love and friendship is, just be patient! You will have a long tough road a head of you but it’s worth every cent of it. Now I am not going to tell you a lot because somethings you don’t need to know yet. Life is a lesson that never ends, each lesson has a topic, and each topic is a day. They are never the same! So keep you beautiful chin up and smile.

Your future-self



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