My Messy to Your OCD

So I am not the most organized of people, I am a mess. Both literally and figuratively, I miss place things and never put them back in which they went. I say I will put something here for safe keeping and will not remember I put it there. When first met my husband I had found out he was OCD to a point, he has order! I didn’t know exactly what OCD was but I can tell you I quickly found out. He is very organized, has a set way, and he lists things before I get to it. Sometimes I wonder if he should clean more often than me because it gets done fast than when I can do them. However like most men he leaves the cleaning to me!

Then I questioned why would he even marry me because I am a mess. Why would he want to deal mess when he likes order?

However through those questions I have come to terms with is it works out, he loves the mess because he knows there is still order to the mess. He bought himself a bag of jolly ranchers candy, he sat there and organized the bag by color and put them in separate bags! He knows that I have a way of doing things and he will always try to help. If he could he would Dewey Decimal Classification for our cup cabinet.

You know how most men leave the laundry out and miss the hamper by inches? Well in some cases that roll is reversed, I miss the trash by a little bit or the hamper his eyes widen. He gives me that look like are you going to fix that or am I?

street ocd


This image above irritated him, he asked why. His exact analogy was why? It’s not even in the middle….I would be pulling up to this spot everyday to change it back and line it up! 

I told him what if someone does it just to irritate you and he say that he would still change it. He despises things being odd and will always try to even it out, I laugh because I call him my odd ball for that purpose. How he makes that “nickname” even is saying because of me it even-things out.

Another image that bothers him is:





He threw his hands up and said no they make it specifically to be broken into long pieces not chewed up at random! I will never understand. I would never want to understand, He even has a set way of organizing while cleaning. I ultimately don’t I just clean!

However he embraces my mess for some reason, I embrace his perfection because it remind me to get organized. I best describe my husband as the guy from The Big Hero 6, Wasabi!  Everything has a place and will be put back in that place. I have places to put things and always change the place in which it is put.

Needless to say that is how I lose my wallet and keys most of the time, I don’t really use purses and haven’t since high school, but when I don’t use a purse is when I lose my stuff!

Back to the point, he has a system and that’s ok, my system is ok we both work because I remind him to let loose and he reminds me to get organized. He knows where things are and half the time I don’t.

It’s worth being married to him, he keeps me in line, helps me remember forgotten items I miss placed. He help me clean when I don’t know where to start! It’s not all rainbows though, my mess has order to it I know what’s in my messy, when he cleans it I lose my order but that’s ok because truth be told his order is better than mine. He doesn’t know I said that  his order is better so shh!Alexis

7 thoughts on “My Messy to Your OCD

  1. Sounds like a perfect match! I must admit the kit kat picture bothered me too 😂 the shoe picture not so much. I think I’m somewhere inbetween ocd and messy, I lose things constantly but have to check I’ve switched things off constantly!


  2. I can so relate to this! My husband is pragmatic, partially because of his job. I’m a little OCD, but I multitask to try and be more efficient and if he comes home in the middle of my five-things-going-on-at-once he cannot see the order and it drives him mad!

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