When you feel Broken

There are days were my anxiety gets the best of me! I feel like I am a crap mom, wife, and daughter. Everything you can associate me with I feel crappy at it. We all have those days but you know what!


Those thoughts of paranoia, fear, anxiety, and whatever else tricks us into believing such feelings are true. So when you are broken or feel like it remember this, you are amazing and perfect in the way you were created.

You are a masterpiece, but you know something you’re not done being sculpted yet. You always are being molded into a better you. Sure you have bad days and down falls but you always have room to improve.

God didn’t make a mistake when he made you or me, he didn’t make a mistake when he put us where we are!

When you feel broken just know you are amazing and can do anything! When you feel broken remember the times you made your children smile, when you succeed when all odds where against you, when your partner said yes when they could have said no, or my personal favorite when I held my children for the first time. I felt utter amazement, joy, and accomplishment when I had my children!

Here is a letter to those who many need some words of encouragement

Dear Broken Hearted

I know times are hard right now and it’s looking pretty bad but I would like you to know somethings. First is you are beautiful! Yes you are, you shine like the sun that was created for us. When I say beautiful I mean everything about you, your smile the way you light up the room, the shape of your body, EVERYTHING. Second you are amazing, you have the ability to do anything you put your mind to. You have been through a lot but that’s ok because it shows that you have over come hardships. Third is you are smart, you have the capability to think a head and plan! So dear broken-hearted you are worth it, God doesn’t make mistakes with his creations! Your are loved, it may not seem like it but you are so very much-loved.


Someone Who has been There


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