3 Things Your Husband Doesn’t Tell You

When is comes to Men and Women we speak different languages. There are times where men don’t listen to us and time where women don’t listen to them.

What I have noticed is there are three things they don’t tell us whether it is to refrains from an argument or to keep it to themselves.


You know how we have that little voice in our head they tell us we aren’t worth it, or that looks terrible on us? Well men have those thoughts too, they just hide it better most of the times. They are just as hard on themselves as us! They look in the mirror and wonder what they should change, tell themselves the look bad, they aren’t a good husband or father etc….wait doesn’t that sound familiar?

I have different from depression before as much as I hate to admit it I was just never diagnosed by a doctor. I have had my days where I look in the mirror and think I’m a terrible partner and mother but I have recently found out my husband has had those thoughts too but he never showed it because he wanted me to be ok first!

So a little advice let your partner talk to you let them open up because chances are they think the same thoughts too!


I don’t know how many times I drag my husband out shopping! Even if it’s window shopping and express what I like and wish o could fit into. However I never once saw it from his point, IT IS BORING! He doesn’t want to walk around and shop for cloths! Not that he doesn’t like imagining you I the fitting room trying on things but they doesn’t want to sit there and answer if it looks good because chances are if he really loves you he doesn’t car what you ware he still loves you.

I have been with my hubby for 5 years in September and married 2 of those years and if I have learned anything through two pregnancies and baby fat and mom sweats is that he loves me in almost anything!


Studies say women are more stressed then men but sometimes I wonder. Not only because in most families but the man is usually the bread-winner then expected to be the best school P.T.O, baseball catching dad. Well after a hard day the last thing they want to do is deal with the expectations of that, they want to know their family lives him.

Maybe he had a tough day out on the job or bad day at the office. Let them talk about it! Now I am not saying that women aren’t the same because believe me staying at home with our Jedi s often seem like the dark side is turning them into siths in training! Being a stay at home mom is hard, you have to do a million things at once! I give major brownie points to single mom’s and working moms. I use to be a single mom but still had my family for support….

So those are only three things but there are defiantly more but for now it’s just these three. So take some time out of your day to put yourself I there shoes because chances are they are exactly like us just on a different level.



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