Lets talk Education

One subject that is just as touchy as religion is education. Everyone has different views on how education should be! What avenues they should take? Lets not talk about the budget cuts that have been happening. Over the past couple years I have been thinking about home schooling the kids and didn’t know where to look, or if I needed a degree to even home school them. That thought as always just been a thought.

With Raina now a pre-school age I need to start teaching her the essentials needed for kindergarten and I don’t know where to even start. As a parent of public school age kids, I see that it is important for whom ever is the one teaching to be equipped with everything they may need! Home schoolers especially! With the budget cuts teachers and partents are not relying on their income to buy the school supplies needed.

I personally always had a hard time with school, even when in public school it was hard. My eldest has an easy time, he gets it quicker than turning on a light in any subject. However my middle child, she is struggling hard to even want the motivation to learn!

Luckily there are many outlets now that help provide for those who need the tools to help teach and learn one of those outlets is Education.com


Education.com is a place for teachers, parents, and others. It has activities and programs to help further a childs needs to excel in areas that are they are lacking. Ages from 2-11 can use this outlet. It’s 9.99 a month for full access to all the things they offer, they do have a basic plan that is free but you don’t get access to all the avenues that are handy. Their printable activities are fun and easy to do for all ages.


There are fun worksheets that can be printed out that I will a link that gives some addition pages you can choose from! I personal have just signed up using the basic and love it so far, I was able to download something for my 4-year-old daughter to do and to help my 2-year-old. I’m considering the better plan to help further my son who is turning 8. Even thought he already has an easy time with school, it will help enhance his time. This is also a summer time avenue to take to keep the school work fresh in their minds.


This program is awesome for homeschooled students because it’s fun and easy to work with! I wish I had this when I was homeschooled because it’s a better way of learning for all ages!

Even if you are not homeschooled it is easy for parents or teachers to print out and give as extra credit, or extra help for students who need it most!

addition pages! As promised to link!


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