God Set me up on a Date

When I met my husband it was nothing glorious as you see on movies, but something pretty funny happened on how we met.

I was about 19, and had a 3-year-old son due to an unexpected (teenage) pregnancy at 16. I just had gotten out of a bad relationship with a manipulative and controlling, cheating guy. I was lost and confused because this was about the fourth time I’ve been cheated on. I felt hopeless and worthless.

At this time I didn’t have a good relationship with my family or the holy father but both were always family and by my side even though they had their doubts and disappointing moments.

Well a friend of mine convinced me I just need to find a good man and go on this dating website, I won’t name which one but I will say it was nothing but a hook up site. Well let’s skip a few weeks of creepy and inappropriate messages, to the day I was about to delete my account because I didn’t want to be on it any longer. I had almost given up.

I then got a message from this guy (who is now my husband) introducing himself in a polite manner and asking a bunch of questions. They weren’t inappropriate or demeaning, but they were real questions, wanting to get to know ME not getting in my pants.

I was curious so I answered all the questions and asked a few of my own. Turned out this guy had a lot in common with me and I was intrigued with that. So we started talking more and finally decided to met up one night before I had to go to work.

Well at first is was creepy because it was at a park which I suggested (never meet up at a park at night ladies, just don’t do it I was stupid to suggest it), and I didn’t know him well something told me it was going to be ok. So I trusted that. Well we shook hands and walked around the park talking for a while, flirting back and forth, having a good time. Well before I had to leave I asked Why did he message me? He replied with I seemed real and down to earth and was able to answer normal questions not ask inappropriate ones and because I had admired him….

Now let me back track a minute and explain this! Every time you logged into this date site it gave you an option to play this game called Admire Them. The game gave you 4-6 profiles to admire, in which you would pick the person you like the most and send them an admire. When the person you admired got the admire it would show up on their end as a guess who admired you by putting 4-6 profiles side by side and they had to guess who sent them the admire. You can check both admires you sent and guessed. I found this game stupid and never played it, I mean never I didn’t admire anyone and didn’t even guess the people who admired me.

So back to the point where I left off, when he said that I admired him I laughed. He was serious, he showed me the notification that he guessed the admirer right, it was me. I had to do a double take and showed him that I didn’t send the admire. He still thinks I did send it but I now believe God had somehow sent the admire.


Well God knew my suffering and the emotional pain I felt. The pain I didn’t explain to my family because I felt as if they would care. Anxiety hit most then. I had felt unwanted since 16 because of a number of reasons, one of which was because I got pregnant (I don’t blame my son for anything). You know what though is I told my family that I met him through a common friend, I was ashamed of how I met him but I am not any more

Another reason why I believe God gave me him was because he needed me too. He isn’t a believer and that’s ok why because God knew he needed me to help him. Not saying that converting him is working However the difficult path is to helping him see Jesus and God I am willing to take that path. God gave me a wonderful man and father and I couldn’t be happier to have found my match because God decided to play match-maker

So ladies don’t give up hope, God will set you up just trust in him to do so! He will give you the man you belong with in time he sees fit.

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