Raising R.J

As mom’s we know that excitement when we find out we are pregnant, then even more so when we find out we are having a little girl, for those who wanted girls.

When I found out I was pregnant with R.J I was excited but scared, not only because she was a girl but because I never raised a girl. I only knew how to raise a boy due to her older brother, also I was 20 when gave birth to her.

Well let me tell you a little about my pint sized-spawn-of-the-devil mini me, she is full of life but on her terms. R.J is a Diva, prima donna, princess, and other related terms put into one. I often blame myself for that, but I don’t know where I went wrong. She is loving and kind but like I said before, on her terms and when she wants to be that way.

I feel bad for her because there are days where she wants to play and wrestle with her older and younger brother but they play rough. For example last night she wanted to do just that however M.G was pulling on Le’s ears to drag him to the floor to body slam him, when he did that to her! Oh man I thought the glass back-door was going to break, I couldn’t help but say I told you so because I had, I stated they play rough R.J I don’t think you would like that! She loves her brothers but like every sibling she gets tired of them just as fast.

So she went back to pretending to be a horse and playing with her horses. That’s her thing now horses! She loves Spirit, everywhere we go she acts like a horse. I remember loving horses at her age, so I can’t blame her.

Sadly I see now why my mother had problems with me because she is an exact version of me but smaller are more tempered. She has my husband’s and I’s attitude, which I find hilarious. When she tries to throw a fit, my attitude comes out in her (I see why my mother laughs at me) and I catch myself saying what my mother told me at R.J’s age!

R.J is super smart but I fear she is going to pretend to be less than that. She knows colors and counting but when someone catches her doing good she messes up and won’t continue. Her mind is full of wonderful things but I see it’s hard for her to express them. I think she feels as if she has to compete with her brothers, especially M.G being the youngest. She’s no longer the baby of the family and hates it! R.J loves attention (on her terms) and it puts a rock in her day when people love on M.G.

Don’t get me wrong, as much as she seems like the spawn of Satan, I love her to death. She is my little princess and I try desperately to show her she is equally loved. It took me two years of her life to show her how to play dress up and get her in a dress without it being on her terms. She is and has gotten better but she is still a work in progress, aren’t we all! She acts like a toddler still, and knows how to blame her brothers for things to get her out of trouble.

There are days where she wants to be hugged and loved on but days where she fights me on everything. She thinks her fake cries get her anywhere but they don’t! The beauty of being a mother right, I never thought it would be this hard to raise a girl! I see why guys poke fun at the fact women are indecisive, put a guy in front of a preschool girl and I bet he will think twice about calling his wife indecisive…

My 4-year-old diva has mastered the resting b*!@$× face, I get asked if she’s angry and I laugh because she probably is but she won’t tell me why. She gets it from me sadly, I often get asked if I’m angry to!

Raising R.J is hard work like most kids of this age, but I’m happy I get to do it. She brings laughter and smiles. She’s creative and smart and I am proud of it. Even if she scares babysitters…

7 thoughts on “Raising R.J

  1. Oh my goodness. Haha I feel you. I have a three year old who is so hard right now. Not always of course but there are times I feel like pulling my hair out and hiding in the corner. Parenting is the best and the worst all at once. xo

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  2. I am one of miss Raina’s grandma’s, I liked this post very much. I found it to be hilarious. I laughed so hard that I cried. Maybe I will find it funnier than most only because I know her soo well. You my Alexis are an amazing mother and are doing an awesome job with your babies.


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