Family Movie Time: Incredibles 2

We don’t get out much, meaning we don’t go to the movie theater at all. Why well for one it’s to expensive; for two adults and two kids because one is free for being under two it was almost fifty dollars. I won’t even comment on the snacks, I usually stuff a purse full of dollar store goodies (shhh). I’ll make a post on my top ten things I bring to the movies later.

Well my mother wanted to treat us with tickets to get out as a family, so we picked Incredibles 2! It has been fourteen years since the first one, I being a Disney/Pixar fan, and I was excited. The kids have seen the first one and loved it. With that being said this is the first time R.J or M.G has ever been to the theater. For the age that they are, they did extremely well.

R.J doesn’t know how to whisper, so she did that whisper shout. Come on you know that “MOM!” in a whisper like voice but it’s not a whisper at all. It made my eye twitch but I was bound to have a good time so I just whispered she needs to be quiet and enjoy the movie. The seats at regal have recliners on them so you can lean back, life your left! R.J was undecided on how she wanted to sit, so she played with the buttons for a while until I had to tell her stop! M.G wasn’t to bad he got a little antsy toward the end of the movie, the hubby and I had to take turns. He would yell at the loud parts in baby gibberish so no one could hear him and actually whispered on the quiet parts. The only one out of the three that can whisper.

At regal they have assign seats to help reduce movie hoppers, so we picked the very back row. The couple sitting next to us was nice for the first half they gave us dirty looks because of the kids laughing and enjoying themselves. Now let me state this, they were in their seats the whole time, other than the non whispers that came from R.J, they were decent. Not to be rude, but if you didn’t want to listen to those things they why come to a kids movie to begin with. Now I could understand if they were extremely loud and running around during the movie and making a scene but they weren’t. Don’t do that to a mom who has kids and is trying to keep them decent so others can enjoy themselves too!

Warning: This post contains some spoilers for the movie Incredibles 2, if you have not seen it and don’t want to ruin it then don’t read on.

As for the movie I would rate it a five-star, it was exciting and fun! Jack Jack was so flocking funny, there were times where he would sneeze and would rocket himself into the air. Oh man I thought the kiddos would pop a vessel for laughing so hard. Another part they enjoyed was when Mr. Incredible used Jack Jack’s laser eyes for a gun and was shooting him in the back yard like a phaser from Star Trek.

I will add, I do like the addition of the new supers. I always wondered since the frist one, what happen to all of them? Were new ones born? Out of the new supers I think I like Void the most she is like a reverse Violet! Void is quiet, shy, and unsure of things but she gains more confidence through out the movie. My least favorite new super was the heart burn guy, Acid Reflux! That was gross and unwanted but it was funny. He was a older man that pretty much spews lava out of his mouth. I will have to say I was able to guess the bad guy right off the bat. Something didn’t seem right about her, she was to laid back about the Screenslaver and always darted the conversation away from Elastigirl when she talked about him.

Seeing the gang back was amazing! Jack Jack is my favorite super by far only because he is cute and can do so many things. As a family of five like us I can relate to them other than being super. My husband even agrees with me they are like any other family and behind it all I can see why they have the powers they do. There powers reflect real like in a way.

Mr. Incredible has super strength like any head of the house hold has, he protects them with all he has. Elastigirl is flexible, WHAT MOM ISN’T, we as mom’s have to be right! Violet is invisible, like most teenagers who want to be, she has the ability to make it happen. Dash, like most boys they have energy, on the go, I know both my boys are like that. Jack Jack has seventeen powers, why because babies are unpredictable, you don’t know what they will be when they grow!


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