Top Ten Dollar Tree Must Haves on a Budget for Moms

top 10 budget.pngGrowing up I always thought the dollar store was a place for cheap knock off of items that could be bought elsewhere. I also though it was the old people store because that’s all I had seen when I went. Now I see it as the holy grail for mothers who want to save money by buying smart.

When on a budget it’s hard some times, especially those living paycheck to paycheck. We all have experienced those times, I still do if we are being honest. It doesn’t help when you have three minions running around! I have found something from the dollar store that proved helpful, despite all the new headlines about dollar stores. Dollar Tree is probably now my favorite store to buy; house hold, decor, D.I.Y, baby wipes, and over all everyday items!

I would rather go to a local Dollar Tree and buy the things I need than go to the Grocery Store, Wal-Mart, Target, or any other big name. I still go to those places because, lets face it, Dollar Tree doesn’t have everything. Just most of the basic essentials and the things you don’t need to pay five dollars for. Disclaimer I am not getting paid to do this post or trying to promote anything or anyone in this post, I am simply sharing my thoughts and what I found to be cheaper to save money.

1. Cleaning Supplies

Every mother on the planet cleans, and each one of them have a preference on what brand of cleaner they like. I haven’t ever found the difference between dish soap bought at a Dollar Tree and at a Smiths. To me both get the job at hand done. I have saved over $20 a month by using Dollar tree cleaning supplies.
(That sounded like a Geico commercial which I didn’t mean for it too) I can’t tell you how many times in a pinch I would run to the dollar store and pick up some laundry detergent and oxy powder because we ran out. I can also, when I can, stock up because they are only a dollar a piece. Unlike other stores that start out at $3.99. I also stock up on sponges and scrub brushes. I have become OCD on cleaning and would rather pay for cheaper supplies and clean than other store prices. I will have to say two of the best products that I love are the Awesome Oxy powder and the Oxygen Orange Spray, It cleans everything!

2. Baby Wipes and Bibs

One things I discovered at the end of my third pregnancy was the dollar store has baby wipes. I wish I had found this sooner, I would have saved so much more when I had my first two. Some of the wipes are a no go, I’ll tell you that. Like the sesame street wipes dry out way to fast and don’t get every square inch of you babies bum. However they have huggies baby wipes now in 32 and 72 count travel sizes. They are the band-aid for when we were going through a bad patch, in between jobs! I was able to buy 10 of them instead of only 5 from other stores.

With that there are the baby bibs, not that I used them all the time but when I did this was a great place to go for extras. The boys were always hard on them so instead of buying a 3 pack that is 5 dollars I got 5 for a dollar a piece. If you are a mom you know baby wipes have become your 409, they can be used on anything. I use baby wipes on counters and to take off my makeup, if we are being honest.

3. Socks

I can’t tell you how many socks we go through in this house and having boys and dogs, one or the other always seems to destroy them. I find ripped toe holes, or worn out beaten up stained socks. Buying them at the dollar store made it easy! For my husband especially. He works with concrete all day so his socks after a while, no matter what brand or detergent I buy, smell over time or end up ripped.

One of those reasons they end up ripped is our dog Spock sneaks into the sock drawer, or the sofa, finds them and chews on them! I stopped buying Wal-Mart packs because they always end up ripped. I do buy good socks for special occasions at department stores, but for the everyday socks, the boys get dollar store brands.

4. Laundry Baskets

I have two sturdy baskets that I use for my husband and I but to teach my children how to do laundry and organizing their cloths, I got laundry baskets from the dollar store. I had the two old ones pick their colors and had them decide on a color for Markus. I can’t tell you how much they actually enjoy laundry day for them because they have their own baskets. I also got a mini basket for socks, and a intimates mesh sack to put them in for washing. It has made my life so much easier doing laundry. I every so often reach the end of the laundry pile!

5. Toys

There are some cute and simple toys for ages 3 and up. I often go to the dollar store for toys on certain days of the year, like for easter baskets and stocking stuffers. They aren’t much but it’s so worth it for the small things. Pool toys I buy here are awesome because Lord knows we have been through a lot of pool toys! The squirt guns they last longer sometimes too! I have gotten many toy dinosaurs from the dollar tree for Markus and Raina for bath time.

6. Greeting Cards

Everyone gets a card on a special event, saddening time, or get wells. It’s a cheaper and easier way of getting one. Most greeting cards can range from $3-$8 dollars. I have found a few that are the exact same at dollar stores. It’s such a penny saver when you get them at the dollar store. They have almost for every occasion and even blank ones in packs. I have gotten my Christmas cards sets there that have the same amount of cards as the ones sold from Wal-Mart.

Along with greeting cards, party supplies! I know most kids want a theme for their birthday and that’s fine. I have done themes before! Half the time I found what I needed at the dollar store. I got plastic cups, plates and forks here. Punch bowls are an easy things for parties of any sort! You can even get a party bag to put gifts in for almost any occasion. I have found wedding, birthday, and baby gift bags. Party Favors are a good find here too!

7. First Aid

There are some things for first aid, if not all things, that you can buy at the dollar store. My first aid list includes; band aids, ointment, cool packs, gaze, medical tape, elastic bandage support, peroxide spray, cotton swabs, disinfectant wipes.

A friend of mine suggested surgical gloves! which is smart, I haven’t thought of that. Making a first aid kit is smart and handy, you can buy a kit at almost any store! Making one can be hard because some of the stuff is so darn expensive. Like I said some things you will have to go somewhere else and get because of quality reasons but most of it can be bought at the dollar store.

8. Quick Makeup Pick Me up

I will have to say in a pinch if you need something makeup wise go to the dollar store. Foundation isn’t the best but the chap sticks, eyeliner, nail polish are some of my top beauty buys here. I don’t like the foundations only because it doesn’t last as long as others but like I said before this is only in a pinch and don’t have the money for you favorite ultra foundation.

9. House Hold Items

I buy kleenex, paper towels, and air fresheners here. Oh man what another penny saver. I try to keep stocked up on those things and it makes it easier when I can get them at the dollar store over any other store. Air fresheners are a must in my house, as I stated before the boys are stinky. I can stock up easier on my favorite scents when I am on budget.

10. Arts and Crafts

If your kids are anything like my kids they love arts and crafts. I have gotten play dough, and other things from craft stores when I could have gotten them at the dollar store. I have googly eyes, stove-pipe cleaner things, glitter (WHICH I HATE) molding clay in assorted colors, play dough, pretty much anything to have fun with! I stock up on crayons too! With all the crayons that I have had to melt down to make new ones I like buying them from the dollar store it beats having to pay $5 dollars for the same number of crayons I can get at the dollar store.


I get there are somethings that quality over price matter, like I don’t like getting trash bags from the dollar store because they are flimsy. I also don’t buy bottles or binkies from the dollar store! So yes there are things you can get and can’t get but over all theses are somethings that I found helpful as a mom to get from the dollar store.


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Dollar Tree Must Haves on a Budget for Moms

  1. I never knew you could get so many things at the dollar store. The greeting cards would be my go to- I find them ridiculously expensive nowadays. We don’t have a dollar store close to my house, but have shopped in one when traveling. Thanks for sharing these!


  2. YESSSSS all the awesome stuff is… Awesome!!! I buy every kind there is there. Lol I’ve also gotten 2 laundry baskets, can opener, peelers, dish towels and cups. I have a huge cup obsession!!

    Liked by 1 person

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