Proverbs 31 Women

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As a woman who tries to read her bible constantly, there are many things I find helpful both as a mother and as a woman. On the days I feel down or when my anxiety attacks me, I turn to the Lord the best I can for help. It isn’t always easy, as most christians know, leading a life of faith isn’t peaches and cream but it’s worth it.

When I do worry about how good of a mother, wife, and daughter I turn to Proverbs 31. This is probably the gold bar standard for inspirational verses to lift a woman up. It should be the bread and butter to a woman in faith. However like I said it doesn’t always seem easy but it’s worth every minute.

What is a Proverbs 31 woman, well she is Wonder Woman!

No not really, but she is pretty astounding. Twenty-one verses that flat-out describe how bewildering this woman is. That woman resides in us, I will say that for while I tried comparing myself to this list of characterization. Don’t do this! Don’t try to compare yourself to the Proverbs 31 woman! Why because you already are her!

I resented comparing myself to a wonderful description of something I am not, but truth is isn’t just inside of me it’s what God has in store for me. We are still being molded daily by him, we are not done, we are not the finished product! I know it seems hard because well lets face it the scripture defines a perfect woman/mother/wife.

Being this woman/mother/wife sometimes is even harder when life is throwing sour lemons at you! Example if the children are frustrating or unruly, or your husband still hasn’t learned to throw his underwear in the hamper. My last reaction, sadly, would be that of a proverb woman! I have much to learn too!

Instead of reacting horribly at the lemons thrown, sit down and actually read proverbs! Highlight and underline the verses that speak most to you! Find things you can work better on or know that you do already.




These pieces are some of my favorite key verses that help motivate me to become better and remind me that I am a spectacular mother and wife. You as a woman are worth far more than anything that holds a price on earth, rubies can’t even pay for you! You are incredible. You are worthy of Gods grace! You are worthy!

How often, as mom’s, do we go to bed and don’t do anything at night! I’m not talking about our hot mess, exhausted times where we just collapse on the bed. We stay up to pick up the toys, wash the dishes and load them in the washer, finish the last load of the day, and pack lunches when school time is about. Also this verse talks about his calling for us to get up early and start the day (as much as that’s a sweet thought right) but it is something that is necessary, maybe with some well needed coffee.

We prepare as much as we can! We always work as hard as we can, our arms are never not strong enough for what God has given as a task. He gives us the strength! Think about it, how often do you hold your child because they are tired and ask for you to pick them up. Probably a bad representation of 31:17 but with all the grocery shopping we do and carrying the food into the house with the kids is a hard and heavy task. This verse can be about many things from physically to mentally! Mentally being strong for others to sit down a listen to their story, or listen to what your childs problems are. Maybe its the strength of pushing through obstacles that you thought you wouldn’t be able to face.

My personal favorite is Her lamp never goes out at night, in my season of life and the way my anxiety keeps me up. My mind is the lamp and as a mother it never goes out. I’m always thinking what next, what is the next thing I need to do! Lists that need to be done and tasks left incomplete. Again this shows endurance, and the call to hard work! Mental and physically, staying up late to finish the task at hand!

As a mother I sometimes find it that I yell too much, it isn’t wisdom that come out of my mouth but anger and frustration. I don’t always have faithful instruction on my tongue which I rag on myself for.

So see all these little things I am not comparing but learning and taking the wisdom of what they describe. I am soaking in what I could be and molding myself to this standard. I am already a lot of what this chapter describes but there are always things for me to work on and not always is it the same.

Even of you aren’t a mother you are still a proverbs 31 woman!

Even if you aren’t a mother or a wife you still are a proverbs 31 woman in the making you still have room to grow into what God has for you! It is a hard change but it is worth it!

12 thoughts on “Proverbs 31 Women

  1. Love this! I’m relearning how to be a proverbs 31 woman in the new season of life I’m in – a newlywed. It’s much different (and difficult) as a team than it was when it was just me most of the time!


  2. I love Prov chap 31, especially when I need to step up my industriousness game haha. I actually have a version of Prov.31:25 on my girl’s bathroom wall to remind them of what is really important and makes them beautiful, “She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”


  3. This is beautiful. Such a breathe of fresh air. Change is defienlty difficult but like you said – very much worth it. Proverbs 31 ❤️ Gets me everytime.
    By the way. Love your page. It’s laid out incrediblely.


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