Coffee Talk

M.I.A and Scheduling

So I’ve been M.I.A for a while and I apologize! I’ve had many things happen this past month from lack of motivation, writers block, back to school, bills, a couple of friends in need, and well deserved time with my family.

I promise that I will try to do better on posting regularly and I have some up and coming ideas. I bought a bullet journal to try and keep organized with and so far its doing ok.

I worked out a schedule to post to for themes of topics

I may not always keep this theme but I will do my best! Lately its been hard to write and I feel bad for just stopping! Drafting posts is consuming most of my time along with watching the littles and school events along with church events.

I’ve volunteered at my church ministry for the pre-k class rooms. Which is exciting and new experiences! Look for the Post Leap in Faith where I will be talking about my first day and more! I’m helping my best friend with child care soon! So needless to say I will be busy!

I don’t know what I missed but I’m excited to move forward and write more. All of what I listed I will be writing! Expect to see The Love Dare series to be finished, posts on marriage and parenting. A devotional page here and there too.


If you follow my Instagram I have posted there more lately on a blog post which I am working on content as we speak! So have a blessed weekend guys more stuff will be happening Monday!


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