Sibling Rivalry

REAL FRIENDS TILL THE END (1).png“Kids will be kids!” Right?


Well at least to a point. is right from wrong when it comes to sibling fighting. I was/am an only child, I don’t know from personal experience the half of it but I see it with my children all the time. It’s impressive but makes me bang my head against a wall. I never wanted a sibling, I’ve seen how other siblings treat each other however,

Like Dirt Sometimes…..

Like my three, they can be so rude to each other. My husband is use to it and can handle it a little better just for the fact that he has four brothers and one sister if I remember correctly. Despite the days where they get along, three are more fights than peaceful situations. That leads me to my first point.

The Petty Fights

I can’t tell you how many fights I break up in a single afternoon. If one has it all of them want it. If one is sitting to close the other flips out. There is maybe one or two real fights, the rest are just silly s*!# excuse my language. Breaking up fights has become a daily routine. For example the other morning as we were all getting up and getting ready to take big brother to school (keep in mind this was at 6:30 a.m, before my first cup of coffee even finished brewing). Le and R.J started to fight over what exactly.

Freaking Cheerios!!!!!!

Le apparently had more in his bowl than she did and was taking them out of his bowl. Trying to get M.G dress and diaper changed all I could hear was the big brother yelling at his sister to stop it and her crying. The only thing I can think of now during these petty fighting moments is Stitch and Lilo’s she’s touching me scene!


Everything x3

Remember how I said everything if one has it all of them want that one thing brother or sister has or the world is going to end. They don’t want anything else to substitute for it either. I’ve gotten use to getting everything x3 due to the fact of this matter. I know I should suck it but this rule x3 does NOT apply on birthdays and special events. Like if Le’s birthday he gets his gifts I don’t get the other two a gift because it isn’t their birthday and I don’t do conciliation prizes. However if I’m getting one a new toy for the hell of it, I get all of them a new toy because it isn’t fair if just one gets a toy. This rule isn’t applied if they are being little demon babies but if they are behaving. I buy a lot in bulk as well like food/snacks

  1. My littlest can put it way, he is always hungry and doesn’t gain from anything he puts away. He can eat 3 pizza slices if he wanted to! He is Micky he will eat anything!
  2. Having boy’s in the house I must have snacks regardless.
  3. It’s easier to buy bulk
  4. Because if one has a snack then all of them want a snack even if they already had one!

You’re Not Doing it Right

At least with my three Jedi’s in training one always has to be “Boss”, you know what I mean! When they are coloring one always says “YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT!” or when they are playing a game “NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” With R.J my three-year old, she always has to be “Boss”. I think she feels the need to do this being the only girl in the house of boys.

Much like Boss Baby she thinks she runs the house. Part of that is she sees me, Mom, run the house because when daddy isn’t home I am Boss! Even when he is home, I just let him think he runs the house!


Another thing I have noticed siblings do (at least some of them) is they are really competitive toward one another. One always has to do it better than the other, or has to get something before the other. I witnessed this with R.J and M.G! They were coloring or doing arts and crafts when M.G showed me his drawing before R.J. I had said I liked M.G’s drawing and hung it on the refrigerator. R.J who didn’t show me anything got a sad look, went back to the drawing table, and did a fantastic drawing ( not that the first one wasn’t bad) she thought I liked M.G’s drawing better but i didn’t! I was going to hang hers up too!

Silver Lining to Siblings

Out of all this and the bad day’s you will have with your brother or sister always have a buddy! You will always have someone to rant to and someone to protect or to protect you. You will never be alone! Now matter how much my three despise each other and fight they love being around each other! They wouldn’t have it any other way! They enjoy making each other laugh especially Le, he loves playing with his younger brother and sister! He loves making them laugh and seeing them happy.

I know they will always be apart of each others lives! So today if you have a sibling older or younger give them a call and tell them that even though we aggravate the stink out of each other you love them! (unless they are not on speaking terms)





18 thoughts on “Sibling Rivalry

  1. O, siblings!!! I bet they will have such amazing, happy memories from growing up so close together (haha even if sometimes it’s a lil too close, as in “mom, he’s touching me!”). My girls are almost 3 years apart (3yo and 7 months old) and we’re working on teaching Big Kid that some things in the house are “family” items so it’s okay to share them with Lil Kid (like the highchair, baby spoons… and someday hopefully toys! 😉 )


  2. This is so cute and adorable…and although I have only one baby and he might remain an only child, I personally am a sibling and this reminded me of me and my sister.


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