When you love being a Foodie but need to eat Healthier!

lessons.pngI haven’t ever been one for eating healthy. I have always been a bigger sized girl, I gained more weight during pregnancy by not being careful and I am suffering from my actions still. I’m trying to change that one bite at a time, slowly making progress. I’ve tried diets, weight loss supplements, Kato (which I enjoyed and lost pounds but lost motivation for it) and more. I could have done better, I know I could have done more, and I know that I shouldn’t have given up!

Problem is with me is I enjoy food, all kinds of food. From chocolate to steak and potato skins, even the Holy Grail a good bowl of fettuccine alfredo! Don’t get me wrong I love healthy food as well as not so healthy foods. So question still remains….

How do you eat healthy and still be a Foodie?

First remove the word diet from your vocabulary.

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Studies have shown that using the word diet when trying to lose weight or be healthier, you end up psyching yourself out! Most cases you won’t finish whatever plan or regimen you are on because of using the word diet. I am not going to be talking about how to diet but simply curving how and what you eat while still enjoying the taste of good food.

Portion Size

It’s not always about what you eat really it’s about how much of it you eat apostrophe knowing portion sizes is key. Yes going back for seconds sounds great but wait 20 to 30 minutes before going back. Why? It gives you time to digest and for your brain to recognize that you are full. When you’re out to eat don’t eat the whole plate. I know I’m guilty of that too so don’t even. However it may taste good eating it all can cause a lot of health problems later on. There are many ways to know portion sizes!


If you are going to do Keto plan for example portions with be altered. So just research nutrition and what your plan is a go for it.

Healthy not Fast Food

Being a Foodie doesn’t mean eating fast food like Burger King, McDonald’s, or Panda. Eating out (restaurant) is a healthier option for fast food because you can substitute and special order how you want it. Fast food joints don’t have healthy options no matter what they advertise, so yes that McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder is delicious but you could probably get a healthier option at a sit-down restaurant or even homemade.

Being a Foodie doesn’t give you the right to eat unhealthy.

Being Married to Someone who cooks better than me!

When trying to eat clean and having a country hubby who can cook better than you, you come to a sort of standstill. They say marriage makes you fat, well it’s true and this is why. One always Cooks better than the other. Then you just can’t let them stop cooking. No just because he cooks fantastic decent food. Doesn’t mean I need to eat it all. Remember portion sizes and knowing limits. You can always substitute foods or cook for yourself.

Take it Home

Don’t be afraid to take it home if you cannot finish it or don’t even bother taking it home if you know that you’ll just pig out on it later. If you don’t like wasting food there’s always the option of finding a homeless person and giving it to them. I’m sure they’re more than welcome to finish it for you!

Veggie It Up

Ordering with more veggies like tomatoes and avocados is always a good thing. If you like hamburgers order with avocados and maybe some lettuce instead the bun. If you like the bun then keep the bun but keep the avocado as well. Knowing what to order your meal with and without is always a good thing. Gluten-free sure no problem, no buns hun!


As much as I hate to admit it working out, which doesn’t just mean the gym, is icing on the cake food pun. I’m not saying you should go lift weights or do some fancy home exercise, if you want to do that then go for it. However get out and walk around do something physical. It keeps the blood flow going and you won’t gain a whole lot of weight from being a Foodie because you’re maintaining your weight verses gaining from not doing anything like me.

Fat Girl Loves Cake

Yes I do love me some desserts! Trick to eating healthy and curing your sweet tooth is serving size, yes I know it’s hard or else I wouldn’t be saying it. I know I’ve eaten a whole slice or two of cake before but that is besides the point. You don’t need that whole cake or the whole box of cookies. Check for serving size on the nutrition information.

Being a Foodie you can enjoy food and you don’t have to limit yourself to what you eat per say as long as you eat what is right versus what is unhealthy. Eating bad every once in a while wont kill ya as long as it isn’t all the time and if you keep a healthy life style.

What is one thing that you can do/have done to eat healthy and still be a Foodie?



11 thoughts on “When you love being a Foodie but need to eat Healthier!

  1. It is difficult to maintain. I have always tried to at least practice moderation. The holidays are full of so much comfort eating and I’m trying to prepare myself.


  2. This is something I struggle with so much! I love eating all kinds of food and eating healthy can be restricting but it’s fun to try to make traditionally non healthy foods into healthy food haha!
    Awesome post!


  3. My husband and I definitely had to learn how to make healthier choices after we got married and started getting older. Cooking at home makes a huge difference! I cook 6 nights a week and I’m in better shape after two kids than I was in college!


  4. Yes, it’s all about moderation. You don’t need to give up the desserts, just focus on smaller portions and healthy, nutritious meals.


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