Mom Truths: Having Three Kids is Crazy

on having a _three-nager_ and Terrible two children (3)Where do I even want to begin?…………………..

I love my kids, I really do! All three of my wild things. I don’t, however, love the attitudes, talking back, not listening, sassy tones and looks, and the whining. Especially the whining! There is so much more I can list but I won’t for time sake! There are many mom truths that I can explain and so many that I want to say. Here are only a few!

Mom Truth: I have MOMENTS


I have plenty of moments, or what I like to say is MOM-ents, Mom moments where everything explodes and snaps. For me these happen a lot with three non-stop whining, complaining, she touched me wild things. A moment is best explained in the meme above of one of my favorite movies to watch when I feel like a bad mom. My moments consist of yelling when the kids don’t get dressed or shoes on after the 7th thousand times I’ve asked to get them on. More like after the fifth time I yell and ask if that was so hard to just do it the first time! I try to avoid moments but they happen! I am not always proud they happen because lets face it we are mom’s they are bound to happen.

Mom Truth: I am a HOT MESS

I don’t ever have it together, so please turn back now if you ever thought I was like that! I am not Pinterest perfect mom who can do all these amazing things that we all think is real! I don’t think any mom has it together as much as we like to think she does. I am even lucky if all my kids are dressed, matching socks, and on time for anything!

I’m the mom you see walking fast with yoga pants on, two different shoes, stains on shirt, messy bun hair, pulling one kid along while the other is slowly slipping my grasp on my hip while simultaneously yelling for the oldest to hurry up because he likes to walk slower than molasses. So yea “having it together” isn’t my forte!

Mom Truth: I gave Birth to WILD THINGS

My children, despite how much I really do love them, have earned nicknames in our house!

2jee8z.gifLe is my Spaz-Taz, on any good day he is normal well-behaved and can hold the attention span of a normal human being. All the other moments he turns into Tasmanian devil and will freak out like the snorted sugar who has the attention span of a fish!

R.J is my “three-nager” it’s a term I seen someone use but I don’t remember who! Anyhow she is three turning four in less than 3 weeks and acts older than what she is! She uses sassy looks on me and uses tones like a teenager would and I can’t tell you how often I want to pull out my hair. She is a diva and sure knows how to pull it off, Raising R.J is a good read. Her terrible twos turned to three-nager! I am not looking forward to when she actually is a teenager, if she’s anything like me I am going to lose my mine. Dealing with her takes a lot of patients that I haven’t mastered!

M.G is now two and y’all can guess what that means, TERRIBLE TWOS, it’s not that he is a bad kid but that he is in that exploring stage. He is testing limits, pushing boundaries, learning, climbing, looking dead at you does something he isn’t suppose to and then gets mad when you tell him no and swat his diaper.

One thing that all of them do is copy each other and feed off each others actions!

Mom Truth: I SEE MESS

I can actually feel the house getting dirty, like I have nerve endings in the carpet”

-Allyson, Mom’s Night Out

Before I became a mom of three needless to say wild things, I never cared about mess. I am a messy person as much as I have stated in pervious posts.

Now I see it, EVERYWHERE!

The walls, the floor, the counters, windows, table, toys, chairs, the list could go on! I feel like I see the germs and I do my best to clean . However when the kids destroy what I have already cleaned 100 times that day in 2 seconds, I have a moment. I am not a clean freak nor have germ-phobia but I feel like I see mess more than what I use to. I am super tired of cleaning but that is one thing that I will always have to do!

Mom Truths: Stressed Out Mama

I need WINE!

Even my mom sees why I need and occasional glass…….every night. R.J my sweet, adorable three-nager likes to team up with Spaz-Taz, and Terrible Two. When they team up it is somewhat obvious but one distracts while the other two get what they are after. I need a break from my diva and her sassy tush, from my Spaz who freaks out over simple things like playing around, and my youngest who is just learning! I feel like I should be bald when writing this. I struggle daily with keeping them out of things and sticking to their toys. Spaz likes to whine over chores so JUST DO IT AND GET IT OVER WITH becomes a moment all on its own or BECAUSE I SAID SO becomes my phrase of the week.

Yea right now its a lot of work, when Spaz starts whining over chores or having to pick up his mess, then R.J does it over something so stupid, then M.G thinks he can do it because he is learning from them. After that point mommy over here need to try to breathe and tries to have it under control but ends up losing her s*@! excuse my language.

Mom Truth: I Need Alone Time

I don’t have any, what am I kidding! I can’t even vacate the spot I was sitting in with out one of the three kids and/or the dogs following me to the next room. Another example is they will walk right by their father, who is sitting on the sofa, and come find me while I am taking a shower to ask for something!

Why I stay up late, is because partly due to me wanting me time, the other part is because I can’t get my brain to shut down like a computer. I consistently over think and think some more…..

With all that being said, know this no matter how bad my children get I still love them and I still enjoy them. I love when R.J smiles and not whines, or when M.G says words before he bum-rushes what he wants. Even Spaz when he is caring and kind and not always acting off a sugar high.


What are your Mom Truths?


18 thoughts on “Mom Truths: Having Three Kids is Crazy

  1. You sound like an amazing mom trying to do her best and rockin’ that mom bun all around town. I have a 14yr old and a 5yr old diva myself. You’re a trooper doing 3 close in age. I’m having trouble with the 2 I have and they’re so far apart in age.


  2. As far as I know, all mothers feel the same. And even those who write in social networks what she is perfect and her children are also ideal, this is not true 🙂 It was fun to read your post!


  3. Having and raising kids well is not easy! You are awesome for juggling so much as having andense of humor while doing so!


  4. High-five, Mama! I used to want four kids until my first daughter hit 18 months (the sass is strong with her). And by that point, I was already pregnant with Baby #2. Needless to say, we’re done now. Haha. Most days really are fantastic, but I totally agree that alone time is a prized commodity!


  5. I relate! We (basically me) somehow decided it was smart to have two kids in two years… to get through the newborn/baby stage in one go. Now our older son is two and our younger son is 8-months. Things are starting to get semi-normal, but the last eight months have been much harder than I was expecting. Right now, I cannot even imagine more than two! Haha!

    Thanks for sharing about your MOM-ents. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad someone could agree! Whats funny is we didnt expect to have M.G he was out surprise! R.J was about a year and a half going on two when we found out! So I’m right there with you on have two with similar ages!


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