“But Mother, I Don’t Want To Grow Up”

Wendy from our childhood Disney movie had said it right:

But Mother, I don’t want to grow up!
-Wendy Darling

Now close your eyes, no silly not literally!

However think back to a time when you were small and naive about the world and how things works. A time when you just couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult, if you felt that way. A time that you didn’t quite grasp the concept of how things work in the world and how things run!

I remember mine, I was about seven and for a short time actually longer I couldn’t wait to grow up. I figured grown ups had endless money, they didn’t have to have adult supervision, and the can do what they want when they wanted to do it! The list could go on in a young child’s mind. However NOW being an adult and growing up, that is a different story!


Adult-ing sucks most of the time, right mama’s! I never realized, as a kid, key aspects on the points I made above in the photo. Money is what EVERYTHING revolves around sadly! Without a job you basically don’t make money to have food, housing, car, gas, running water, electricity, and not to mention supporting pint-sized garbage disposable.

Now being a mom and having to support my children, I find it difficult at times to even pull this off! I didn’t realize, when as a child, the consistent effort and responsibility that takes place in having things as an adult. I was wrong about having endless money! Once we get money it goes to bills, food and other things we might actually need. I was wrong about having adult supervision, being in a job you have what is called a superior that looks over you consistently. I will even throw in that fact that God is our superior that is basically our boos and father! We should do what he says. I was also wrong about doing what I want when I want to do it, why because a lot of factors plays into this.

Do I have the gas to go do it?

Do I have the money to go do it?

Who can watch the kids while I go do it, or do I need to bring them with?

How long do I have?

When can I take the time to go do it?

So on and so forth…..

Childhood memory helped me realize…

When I was younger I loved a bunch of different Disney movies, from Lion King to Little Mermaid. I also loved Peter Pan! I don’t know why but do love the movie, my eldest does as well. At least the last time I checked. Maybe one of the reasons why is because I want to go to Neverland!

no not Micheal Jackson’s estate….

Second star to the right and straight on till morning

-Peter Pan

I will admit, even as a mom of three, I want to be a kid again! I want to have fun and be care free child I use to be. I didn’t have to worry about bills, food, or going to work (when I did work). I just had to worry about doing good in school and behaving. I was able to imagine and create willingly as it came to me. I love seeing how my little wild things see the wonder in life that I have grown out of sadly. God gives the little the wonder to help us see it once again!

Isn’t that sad! As adults we don’t see the wonder in things because we GREW UP and let the wonder fade! If you are the lucky few that have kept that wonder I applaud you. It takes time and faith to get that wonder back.

However looking at it now even Wendy realized everyone has to grow up eventually but kept her wonder. I look at my kids and see the wonder I wish I could have again! Maybe if I wasn’t so distracted and worrying about growing up I would have enjoyed that feeling of seeing the beauty more. The other day my oldest was doing something and said “I can’t wait to grow up!” the same words that I had used. For the same reasons I had used!

I didn’t know what to say! It took me minute to get my thought in track and respond to him. I tried to think of how to give him an example of how much ADULTING you have to do to be an adult!

” You know how you have chores around the house? How you dislike doing them but you have to do them anyway?”

“Yeah mom?”

“Well that’s what being an adult is like but times 100! We have to work, clean, provide and repeat it daily!”

“Wow that’s a lot!”

“Yeah, so do you think you can enjoy being a kid for a while and stick to the chores you have?”


I always told myself that I don’t want my kids having to grow up to fast. I had to grow up fast due to a particular choice I made. I don’t regret it but I knew that if I didn’t buck up and grow up then my son wouldn’t be where he is today! It amazes me that I had to tell and eight year old to pause and enjoy being him! Enjoy the imagination of the floor is lava and you’re a pirate! So today take time to remember the wonder because we had to grow up. Remember what it was like to be care free and enjoy the simple things.


What is one thing that you remember from you wonder days?

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