Santa’s Boot Prints

When I was little and on Christmas eve, like most, I would anxiously wait till Santa came to our house. I would dream of all the things he would bring and all the toys I would get from my family. Waking up and sneaking out of my room to see if he came was the funnest part, then waking up my mother to hurry up so I could start opening gifts. Every year “Santa” would leave foot prints from my grandmothers fire-place to the tree and back or to the tree, cookies/carrots, and then back to the fireplace.

As I got older that wonder disappeared and I started questioning the magic of it all. I then made sense of everything even the boot prints, which I now do for my kids. So here I will be telling you how we make Santa’s boot prints in our house.

With internet today there are so many things you can download, and print as a stencil to make Santa’s boot prints. Rather than surfing the web, wasting time and paper here is what you can do.

What you will need:

  1. Large Card Board
  2. Exacto knife
  3. Pencil
  4. Glitter (optional)
  5. Baking soda
  6. Boots (preferably men’s work boot but regular shoes works just as well)


    1. Take a generous amount of the baking soda and poor it into a pan or bowl, then mix evenly.
    2. Place one boot or shoe of choice on the cardboard and trace the outside of the boot, using the pencil. *Honestly you only need one boot to do this because you can flip the stencil for the other foot.*
    1. Then using the exacto knife cut the trace of the shoe, use cation due to the exacto knife because it is sharp and can cut you.

      Once you  successfully cut the trace out of the boot you can do one of two ways to make Santa’s boot print

  1. Take the outside cut out of the boot and place it on the floor. Take the baking soda glitter mix and spread the mix inside the cut out evenly.insideOR…….
  2. Take the inside of the cut out and spread the baking soda glitter mix on the outside of the cutout. As you see in the picture to the right, is a side by side comparison of which one you can do.
  3. Now flip which ever part of the stencil over and use it for the opposite foot and repeat step 4 or 5 depending on which part you used. Make sure you dump what ever baking soda mix is on the stencil back in the bowl or it will get on the print that you just made.
  4. Now go ahead and place where ever you want in the home and make it look like Santa was there. When you are done all you need to do is vacuum it up. Presto it’s gone!

I have seen people use water and spray the bottom of the boot and press it in the baking soda mix, then to the carpet. I find this way I listed above way easier to do and less time consuming. The kids enjoy themselves when they see Santa has been there!

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