New Year = New You: 3 Ways to help you stick to your resolutions

First I want to say I am sorry Wild Family it has been too long since my last post. A lot of crazy things have been happening, from traveling, momhood, and taking care of my health.

We all know that the new year brings resolutions and new “chances and beginnings”. Although we don’t need the beginning of a year to start over, it is nice when it happens at the first of the year. Everyone makes new year resolutions, most don’t reach their goal or resolution within three months of the year so they give up or stop. going over in my head and on paper I’ve come up with three things that I’ve found that are the common denominators on why most people give up and don’t make it through their New Year’s resolution or goal.

Make realistic goals

When making New Year’s resolutions, goals as I like to call them, try to make them as realistic as possible for you. Yeah it’s nice to make outrageous goals but majority of the time you need to make realistic ones to get it done and achieved. By realistic I mean instead of losing 150 lbs in 4 months make it 20 lb in 2 months. Makes goals that can be reached. Being realistic is not necessarily limiting yourself, it’s just making it easier for you to reach your final destination, resolution, goal. Whatever you want to call it.

Make Short term and Long term goals

This goes along with realistic goals. Making short-term and long-term goals are essential for realistic goals/resolutions. Short-term goals are so it’s not all at once in your face all at once. often time people get discouraged if it’s all at once and they don’t know where to start and feel that it’s un-accomplishable. Long-term is for later on in the future that the short-term goals add up to. For example if you want to buy a house by the end of this year make a short-term goal to save money each month, and say by the end of whatever month you want to have $5,000. The short-term goal is saving the money per month until you reach the 5,000 long-term goal is the house by the end of the year.

Another example is losing weight, if you want to lose weight this year but you keep saying that every year. Chances are you’re making a long-term goal less realistic than a short-term goal that is realistic. So say you want to lose 120 lb you need to make realistic short-term goals to reach that 120 pounds. 10 pounds a month is the short-term, 120 is the long-term.

Make it a habit

Self-explanatory, just make it a habit get yourself use to doing it every day or every week. If your goal is to drink more water through this year make it a habit to drink water.

It’s not easy I know and it can be difficult at times, yes with any goal that you make. Some goals and resolutions are harder than others. For example mine has always been losing weight. I do plan on making it a thing this year however I need to make short-term goals to make that realistic goal happen.

Bonus Do it with Prayer

There’s no doubt that is God is with us through everything thick and thin, good and bad, ups and downs. So why not include him in your goals. Pray about it, ask him to be there, even though he already is there, ask him to help. Tell him that you don’t understand where to start and that you need help with this goal. He is always willing to listen. Confront your bible about it. Read scripture and dive into his word to gain confidence. This is something that I’m learning to do and plan on doing everyday. I am doing a read the Bible in a year challenge with a life group of mine from church, not only does that help me fulfill my goal of reading the Bible every day, but learning something new from God.

When you achieve your goals you will feel better not only about you but actually having something that you have finished/completed. So make it a point in 2019 New Year New You

What us two goals you plan on achieving this year?

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