Why Valentines Day is Overrated

As Valentines Day draws a near I figured that I would talk about it. For some Valentines Day is a special day to spend with your significant other, for others they dread the thought of the day. Now don’t get me wrong I do like some things about Valentines Day and will go out with my husband but the both of us find the Valentines Day as a whole is can be overrated.

More than one-third of men are content not receiving anything from a lover on Valentine’s Day

Before I get into my whole reasons on why I feel this way I want to state that I am not saying you have to stop participating in Valentines Day. I am not saying that it’s wrong to celebrate this “Holiday” OK! Lets get that straight now, I am saying however that you shouldn’t need one day out of the whole year as an excuse to pay extra attention to those around you. You should be loving and paying attention to them all year round. Now with that being said lets jump into why I feel this particular holiday is overrated.


Some think the reason for V Day is because of Valentine of Rome (Saint Valentine) was a priest in Rome who was martyred in 269 A.D. Valentines Day was a day to celebrate the Valentines that died on the 14th. Many Christian martyrs were named Valentine. According to legends Saint Valentine was a priest of Rome who was imprisoned for helping and bring aid to persecuted Christians of that time.

Although card sending, flower and chocolate giving originated in the U.K as far as I have found. It still has many regional customs all over the globe, Norfolk has a character/person ‘Jack’ Valentine who would ride in on horse and bring children sweets and presents. Regardless of the the reason, which I will be exploring more.

There is no telling for sure, in my point of view, that we can tell the main or real reason for Valentines day. However I believe that over the many millennia it has turned into a mere Hallmark holiday that just brings in profit.


After some thought I came to the conclusion that Valentines Day has turned into nothing more that a way for you to spend money on pointless things that don’t last long. Take card giving and balloons for example, as much as it is a romantic thought to have balloons, a card with a overly large stuffed bear, where do those things go exactly? The card will likely end up either in the trash or in a box collecting dust, the balloons with lose its helium and fall then be placed in the trash which will produce more landfill. The teddy bear with either be given later on to a child, thrown out/given away, or taking up space in your closet or bed.

On top of the card giving, I have found the men feel obligated to get their girlfriends, wives and partners a bunch of roses, chocolates, and plan a special evening for the two of them. I have also known women who have flipped out because their other half didn’t get anything and had forgotten that it was Valentines Day. Now not all men or women act this way. I applaud those who use this day to pay extra attention and spoil the crap out of there loved one. Which brings me to my next point…….

It Should Be All Year

Having date night with your Husband or Wife religiously has proven to be beneficial to a longer lasting relationship.

I personally believe that you shouldn’t need one day a year to spoil, pay attention, get dolled up for, and what ever else is included for Valentines day. You should be doing that all year round, not just one day. You should show your wife all year round how special and beautiful she is with out having to have her get dressed up for a one time occasion. You should show your husband how much you appreciate and love him all year round.

Not only from a biblical point of view but from a logical point of view. I will admit it is super nice to get dolled up, go out to eat with out the kids and be us. Just us where it is a time for us to reconnect but realistically we should be doing that anyway through out the year not just 1 day out of 365 days. I get it though, I get spending time out of the year to recognize how much you love someone and treat them to something special.

Show Love For Everyone

As majority of Valentines Day is advertised as a day to show your love and affection for you husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend; it should also be for your friend, your neighbor, your boss, your child’s teacher! I mean we already do that to a point like in school when we use to trade school cards for Valentines Day. What I’m getting at is what about the ones who aren’t in a relationship, should they get left out because it’s a day primarily for those who “are madly in love and want to show affection”?

No! I feel like if your going to celebrate it then show love for everyone not just your partner in crime. Give the woman at work who has been threw hell some flowers, put a card in your neighbors mail box wishing them a good day! I doesn’t take much to show your love to someone who might need it. Celebrate it with a friend and go out for a drink or celebrate it at home with chocolate and a movie. Feel no guilt in treating yourself to a nice dinner whether it be just you or with friends.

With all this being said I do enjoy a night out with my husband, a night wear we can show our love for each other with no filter. A night where I can get dressed up and a night for him to spoil me with flowers, candles, chocolates, and kisses. Just remember material things don’t last as long as memories, and beauty fade away so spend the year showing your love verses just a day. Beyond this if you partake in Valentines Day I hope you all have a wonderful day/night with your loved one.

What is one of your favorite things for Valentines Day?

7 thoughts on “Why Valentines Day is Overrated

  1. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day because of the pagan roots it has and it makes date nights and spending quality time together so much more important and special.


  2. I do agree with you on one hand and absolutely believe this holiday has become incredibly commercialized and full of pressure. I do really like the opportunity to take a small break from everyday life though to remember to show my husband the love I may not remember to from day to day 🙂


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