Blog Anniversary We Made It

I can’t believe it’s already the second month of the new year! I feel like we just celebrated New Years. The other day I realized something actually really huge for me, February of 2016 is the year I joined WordPress. Although it flopped and I fell through I decided to try again and last year February 2018 is when I officially started to blog.

Can you believe it you guys? I can’t fathom the thought that we made it a year, with so many great posts and laughs. It’s been a year since this blog that was birthed, look how it has gotten so big, and how far we have come. Guess what it still has potential to go further. God has blessed me to write for you guys. Bless him along with those who take the time to read my posts and stories I share with you all. I can’t express the level of gratitude for you all who have followed and subscribed to my blog!

So I do ask that you share the crap out of this blog, its post, and Facebook/twitter! Spread the word of being a Little Wild Family.

If at first you don’t succeed; Try, Try again

-Thomas H. Palmer

Things I wish I knew

When I started blogging I had this expectation that it would be easy, this expectation that I would get followers, likes, and shares at the snap of my fingers. The thing with expectations is they never really happen the way we would like. I didn’t know it would take dedicated hours of writing, planning, promoting, and creating to have a somewhat successful blog. Funny thing is my numbers probably couldn’t compare to other even more successful blogs out there.

It took me a while to find a style I liked writing in and what I liked writing about. Things I felt comfortable with. I went though many different processes to find something that was me.

I wish I would have known a lot of things when I first started out, things like taking it slow. Another is not to rush posts, make each one unique and personal. I also wish I would have not compared because that let to discouragement the first time around! I looked at how everyone else was doing and got lost in my own making. Something else that I wish I would have known was graphics the first time around, there is so much power in making a well designed graphic. Not just slapping clip art to a title and going from there.

We all learn from trial and errors, looking back on when I started blogging I honestly didn’t know what was going to come from it. Even how to blog, I remember looking up on google how to blog and what is blogging. It takes stepping out and learning about it to understand it, ask questions. email a fellow blogger that you enjoy reading from. Never be afraid to ask, research, and create.

I also want to state that unless your trying to make a business out of your blog don’t worry about numbers until much later. If you only have one view per week then great you got a reader. I am saying this because if you focus on numbers it will lead to discouragement.

Thank You

I want to say thank you to those who not only encouraged me to step out of my box, but to share and post. To those who have decided to follow along in our journey together I thank you as well. To those who have taken the time to read my posts and share their thoughts in the comments, thank you. It means a lot to me that there are individuals out there who enjoy reading what I write. Along with sharing what they feel can be shared!

I want to also thank my family for reading my blog, I never expected you guys to read this blog but it makes me happy that y’all do! I am blessed with supporters.

What to “Expect” this year

What can you expect for this year, 2019. I have no idea ware this year will take us and no clue what the future holds for this blog or for me. I can only hope that it will be just as successful this year as last year. I do plan on making some changes, adding more downloadable content, maybe even another give-a-way or two. However that is all in the clouds and not official yet, still working on a game plan that I can use to figure it out.

I also plan on more guest bloggers and themes for posts. October will still be breast cancer awareness month post. If anyone has any ideas that they are willing to share please feel free to drop it in the comments below! Over all I am excited to see where this new year will take us and hope y’all stick around for it! God Bless…..

2 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary We Made It

  1. Happy Bogiversary! I just did mine too. I agree with you100% on taking things slow and wrote similar things. Don’t compare – when I do that, it gets in my head. Pinterest brings a lot of views – don’t know how much they read, but one step at a time! Good Luck for the upcoming year Alexis!


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