St. Patrick’s Day ‘Activity Idea’s

Pinch the person next to you if they aren’t waring green!

Just kidding but since it is close to being St. Patrick’s Day I would like to share some fun activities to do with the family or classroom. Even if you home-school this can be a fun way to take a break. Going to a St. Patrick’s Day parade is one the the many ways to celebrate this holiday but I won’t be talking about that.


The history behind St. Patty’s Day is in honor of the death of Saint Patrick who was a patron saint in Ireland. It was to be celebrated with a feast with parades, four leaf clovers, drinking Irish whiskey, and wearing green. Over time people have greatly debated over this day of feast due to this day being greatly taken down the beaten path. Some argue that it has turned into nothing more than a day of drunkenness, stereotyping the Irish, and nothing more than a commercialized holiday. I agree with both but it a fun holiday to partake in. Different regions all over the world celebrated in different ways with different activities.

Fun St. Patricks Day Activities

Whatever your reason for partaking in St. patty’s day is here are some fun ways to. Don’t forget wear green or you might get pinched! Most of these you can do with the family or in the classroom if you are a teacher like I stated before, even if you don’t celebrate it you can at least educate your little’s of what St. Patrick’s Day is with fun activities.

1. Leprechaun Home

Although it’s superstition it’s fun to imagine a small man in a green suit that’s obsessed with his pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Some make leprechaun traps to get some his gold from him but instead of trying to trap them you can make a house for them, like a little vacation home. Something they can visit and enjoy. Maybe the Leprechauns’ will even leave some of their gold to share! You can make a simple house out of a old shoe box or Popsicle sticks, why not try to make a bed and all the house essentials to add to the fun. I have seen many ways to re-purpose old things to create leprechaun traps/homes, so take your pick and have fun doing so.

2. Making Clover Decor/Clover Hunt

Any child I know loves arts and crafts. Maybe try making home made decor for this holiday with the family. Making clovers and gold coins to hang or lay about or spread about the house is a super simple way to not only have an artistic fun but thinking fun. They can be made out of foam paper that you can find at any craft store or dollar store or construction paper.

Have a clover hunt, spread a few clover cut outs all over the house and have the kids hunt for them. You can even tape a chocolate gold coin the the back of the cut out for incentive. A great cut out of a clover can be found on site, click here for a direct link to the print out.

3. Play Lucky Bingo

A fun way to spend family time is through games, teachers can also use games as easy way to have fun in the class room. One game you can play is Lucky Bingo (plan Bingo with Lucky at the top of it that is Irish themed) have a bang of “gold coins” or cute toys for the winner, for older children you can do money if your playing as a family. You can use whatever you would like as a prize for the winner both in the classroom and as the family. I have attached a PDF of three Lucky Bingo sheets and call out sheet I made for those who may want to download this for some fun!

4. Maze Run

With the help of I am able to share some downloadable maze sheets for a fun activity to do. Help your little leprechauns figure out how to get their gold with this fun St. Patrick’s day maze. For more creative kindergarten resources, go to! If your child attends a school like my son’s school, then they have a St. Patrick’s Day little party at the end of the school day before school lets out. This is a fun printable to bring along or if your a teach to print out for the students in the class. Home schooling moms is this also can be for you! I have talked about before they are a great resource for those who are homeschooling, teachers, or for extra practice homework out side of school! They only go up to 5th grade but they have different levels, grades, themes, and curriculum.

Here is a link to their web page for more St. Patty’s Day activities

5. Green St. Patrick’s Day Sparkly Slime

As much as I hate the idea of slime it is really is a great activity to make both in the classroom and as a family! It is also a great texture activity to do, I never had much luck with slime personally, my oldest son made some in his first grade! What you will need is;

  • Elmer’s clear glue
  • Borax
  • Water
  • Glitter (some suggestions; big gold glitter,green glitter, shamrock confetti, gold coins, shamrock beads) Some of my favorite confetti is at Party City, here is Leprechaun confetti and shamrock confetti,
  • Measuring cups
  • Plastic container
  • This makes a personal size slime not a big batch….(just saying)
  1. Take two small bowls and add 1/4 cup of water to each.
  2. In one bowl add 1/4 cup of clear glue and a generous sprinkle of glitter, shamrock confetti, or whatever you have chosen.
  3. In the other bowl add 1/4 teaspoon of borax. Mix each bowl well.
  4. Slowly stir the borax mixture into the glue/glitter mixture and watch it begin to form slime. Keep stirring until everything is mixed well
  5. Please store your shamrock/glitter slime in a sealed container when you’re not playing with it. Always keep out of reach of small children. Adult supervision is a must when handling and playing with slime.

Well gang there you have it, five school or at home activities to do with your children this St. Patrick’s Day. A big thank you Jessica at for providing the Maze worksheet for you all to have. Please don’t be afraid to check out, it is a simple and easy place for you to print out grade level worksheets and activities. I highly recommend them as I have used their website before for activities and worksheets for my eldest son!

*disclaimer, I am not getting paid by any of the links associated in this post, I am featuring for however. They are a great resource for teachers, parents, and homeschooling parents. I am also sharing with you a slime recipe that I found a while ago and the one used in my school when we did slime.*

What is one activity you like to do on St. Patrick’s Day?

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