Mother’s Day Gift Idea’s

As it comes closer to yet another mini holiday, I figured I can put some insight on what to get. Mother’s Day is a wonderful way of saying thank you to your mom who has done so much for you! She grew you in her belly, gave birth to you, went through labor pains to bring you into his world, cooked your meals, sang your songs, read bedtime stories, kissed your boo-boo’s, and much more.

I always get stumped on what to get the mother’s in my life for Mother’s Day. In the past, I have gotten my grandmother, mother, and auntie (doggie mama) jewelry, lotions, gift cards, and other things. I have been putting off making homemade things these past couple years but I might do that this year!

Traditional Gifts

  1. Flowers
  2. Chocolates
  3. Necklace
  4. Bracelets
  5. Gift Card to Spa
  6. Mani/Pedi gift recite
  7. Mother’s Day brunch

There are many traditional gifts that one can give a mother and there is nothing wrong with that. I know my grandmother used to love getting her nails done so for I think 3 years straight we got her a Mani/Pedi Gift to recite. The tricks to gifts are often found in personalizing it to what they might want or need. We don’t do cards anymore unless we personalize the note inside. I find that cards are a waste of money even though I still like them. Contradicting I know, I like looking at them but I wouldn’t waste time buying one when it goes in the trash later on in life.

Gift Idea’s

There are a couple of ways of giving mom (or yourself) a nice break and show that you love them. This can also go with giving grandmother’s, dog moms, stepmoms, or adoptive moms. We all deserve to be shown love for what we do on a daily basis and that is keeping tiny humans (or animals) alive another year!

1. Sleep In

There is no shame in sleeping in! Unless your mother works on Mother’s Day, let her take the morning to get the rest that she deserves! Let her take a few extra Z’s and snooze those alarms.

2. Breakfast in bed

Bringing mom a cup of coffee or tea and some breakfast will brighten her morning. It will bring joy knowing that she doesn’t have to cook after sleeping in! Just as long as you do the dishes because then it just helps the cause, haha! All jokes aside bring her breakfast in bed is an easy Mother’s Day mini gift to give.

3. Doing the house work

Another way you can spoil your mom this Mother’s Day is doing the housework for her so she can actually relax! Fold the laundry pile in the chair, do the never-ending dishes or even mop!

4. Watch her favorite movies with her

Plan the afternoon or evening out by watching her favorite movies with her! Make dinner for her, watch movies, and enjoy with the family!

5. Mother’s Necklace

Getting a necklace with all the kid’s birthstones is an awesome reminder of how much she is loved, and a reminder of how many kids she has (just kidding). Truly I think every mom deserves a mother’s necklace, the cool thing is it’s a wonderful way to personalize to her, different style to fit her, and different ways to make a mother’s necklace. You can order one off amazon or go to Hobby Lobby and make one, which can be even better than just one bought! You can even do this for grandmothers and great grandma’s! Here is an awesome product to start with, Amazon Family Tree of Life Floating Charm Living Memory Lockets.

6. Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal

I know a lot of moms out there love to journal! I also like prompts to journal too, so one thing I can suggest is a 5-year journal with questions to reflect on! It is a fun way for her to see things that have happened over the 5-years and the changes her kids have gone through! If you don’t like the questions journal they have a plan Mom’s 5-year journal! Amazon Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal

7. Coupon Mason Jar

Let mom pick out of a Mason Jar of coupons. They can read her children’s names and a chore or help mom with dishes, good for one day off and fill in the blank. I received this from my oldest a few years back and I cherished it because he made it for me.

8. Gift Basket

Make your mom or grandma a gift basket with all the stuff she likes! From her favorite color nail polish to what kind of chocolate she likes. You can make a themed basket like “Spa Day” or “Movie Night”! Put things you know she will like not just what you think she will like, you can even add homemade gifts to the basket!

9. Coffee Mug

Majority of moms survive off of coffee if she doesn’t drink coffee maybe she will use it for tea! Getting a mothers day coffee mug is a perfect addition to a good gift for her. I have found so many coffee mugs with cute sayings on them that mom will adore.

10. Take Her Out Shopping/Lunch

Take your mom out, go on a shopping trip and get her something she likes, then take her out to lunch, of course, you buy but give a nice gesture to tell her you to love her.

Overall what you get your mom isn’t anything compared to one gift you can give and that is just to love her unconditionally as she loves you! Take care of her when she needs it and to show her endless love as she has shown you, I mean for heaven’s sake she brought you into this world.

As a mom myself, I find no shame in celebrating myself on Mother’s Day and treating myself to an extra special cup of coffee! Just kidding as much as I do celebrate myself I rather celebrate the fact that God made me a mother in the first place

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Idea’s

  1. I love all your suggestions! My favourite would have been breakfast in bed, of course that would never cross anybody’s mind at home! Not even after I have bought a tray to specially serve breakfast in bed TO ME… keep dreaming, maybe one day…


  2. Great ideas for mothers day. Oh well, I treat my mom were we eat together at the restaurant and give her take out pizza and ice cream 🙂


  3. My kids always treat me with breakfast in bed, this year for the first time, my older one is away from and it’s painful. Flowers are the perfect treat for me. I love all the ideas you shared.


  4. My boys make me homemade cards every year and I prefer that over storebought. My mom is so hard to shop for. My sister and I have done the mani/pedi thing before as well as jewelry. This year, we got photos done of our boys to give her updated ones for her wall. Even though it’s her grandkids, it’s still the type of Mother’s Day gifts she loves. I got to sleep in (a little) this morning, and my husband and boys have done the cooking and cleaning today!


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