About Me


47048009_2141952002536996_891446562801057792_nMy name is Alexis, I’m twenty-four year old stay at home mother to my three wonderfully hectic children and my two adorable dogs. I am also a wife to an amazing husband. I am a New Christian but raised in Christian faith. My children are; Le who is growing smarter every day, RJ who is a tantrum throwing preschooler, MG who is now starting his terrible-twos fits and thinking he can get away with everything.

I’ll do a separate page for them but in the mean time I have many hobbies. Some of which include photography, writing, swimming, singing, and playing house. I am not OCD but have my moments of which, I suffer from general anxiety disorder and mild depression. I worry and stress over everything which isn’t a good thing. That is where my faith comes in handy. Gods got my back!

I know a lot of my followers, or soon to be followers aren’t in faith or religious in anyway, so I will keep most of my post neutral. Fifty-fifty! However note that I will not stop writing faith-based posts, I will continue to share the good news with everyone. Moving on: my dogs are Harley and Spock (this is where the nerdy park comes in), yes Spock like Star Trek and Harley like Harley Quinn. Harley is a spaniel mix of some kind she was rescue. Spock we adopted from a box as a puppy, he is a Boxer/Cattle mix. They are often getting in to trouble like my three children.

We are a bunch of nerds at my house we love Star Wars and Star Trek, we love Marvel more than DC hero’s and DC villains are amazing! Video games is a must for the boy’s of my house, and outside sunshine is a must have. We are outside lovers, more like tolerate, the heat due to living in a state that is pure desert and not enough seasons. We have two seasons hot and hotter.

I live a fun-filled life of adventures, commitment, learning, serving and fighting like every family. My husband and I aren’t always on the same page but we work and learn to do so. I hope to see more people follow me as I write about our adventures, things I’ve learned and would like to share! I hope to write more to become an author of a book one day!