Worship Sunday

Like any person going to service on Sundays is a must do, you make it a priority. Well I know there are days where I don't feel like going for whatever the reason may be, so here are some substitute ways of still worshiping on Sundays without feeling like a bad christian

I am Rich when I am Poor

Not many people can consider themselves rich because they think wealth and money is what being rich means. I challenge you to humble yourself and see through his eyes at what rich means. I am not perfect and don't always see what I have in front of me I get side tracked with what I think I need when I have all that I need already.

5 Must Haves for Bible Study

Are you lost in what to get for starting bible study? Don't know what do get? Well I have 5 of my must haves for Bible Study! Not everyone is the same and everyone has something different they use and like .5 Must haves for Bible Study items everyone needs for their perfect learning. I don't mean literally perfect because no one is. Theses items are obvious and blunt!