The Family

AS I said before I am a mother to three wonderful babies, not so much babies anymore. I will only give my kid’s nicknames.

Le is eight for right now, he will be in third grade. He loves swimming, shooting, going on the lake and video games. Which I don’t like (the video game part) but I can’t stop him from enjoying being a kid. He helps out most of the time with his brother and sister, he loves them (on most days) He does chores after being nagged at for a good minute but gets them done. He always tries to keep the family happy, when ever someone is sad he does what ever in his power to make them smile. He is a strong spirit due to handling my mothers diagnoses with cancer well, they are like buddies.

RJ, is a lot put into one, what a character. If it’s not her way it’s no way, or so she thinks. She is a prima donna and loves attention on her terms but I love her. Check out my post Raising RJ for more details. She loves princesses and horses and dressing up. I haven’t tried a tea party yet but I’ll get to it.

MG is a ball of active fun, he wont sit still. Always on the move and learning with every step he takes. As the youngest he has learned he can get away with a lot and he is only two. He loves hugs and cuddling, and oh man does he love Dinosaurs! He has about five different kinds and stuffed animals. T-rex is his favorite, it’s a green cutely made stuffed animal we call Dino.

Sheldon, my husband, is a hard-working American that doesn’t take a whole lot of crap. He has a short fuse but is loving and caring. He isn’t a believer, so often we butt heads but he respects that I believe in God and I tolerate that he thinks we are test-tube babies from aliens. Other than him being OCD he is a wonderful husband and father. Most importantly he is a red neck man who can seriously fix anything with duck tape and a hammer. He was raised in Nebraska. We have been together five years and married two. Funny as it may be we are married on national weed day, not because of that reason but because I just picked 4/20 due to everything already landing on 20. Two of my kids are born on day 20, I turned 20 when I gave birth to my daughter. So twenty was a good number!